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About hobby photographer Håkan Bley, Åby


I have photography as my big hobby and I live and work in the areas around Åby and Norrköping.

I am a member of Fotoklubben Norrköping and Biofoto Sweden.
Has participated in the Fotoklubben Norrköping's exhibition at Konstforum 2016 and in other exhibitions in Norrköping, such as Spegla and at the Museum of Work.

If anyone is interested in a photo, or would like to leave a comment, please contact me!

Also available on Instagram and on   FSF Photographers and Photo Art.


One vision is to be able to show the beauty of our world and the environment we so strongly influence, so that we think about what we can do to ensure that future generations can enjoy it.

My photos

My main area of ​​interest is nature and landscape photography, but I try most things, such as environmental pictures, travel photos, city photos - both street and cityscapes and sports pictures - mainly athletics. Take most of the photos in natural light.

Here you can buy some of my photos , or here . You can also check out my photo book "Bevara oss väl (Keep us well) ".


Contact me

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