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Round trip in Morocco

 38/5000 Traditional ceramic manufacturing in Fez

Some pictures from an intensive and content-rich tour in Morocco in November 2015.
Inga-Lill and I took a bus with a small group of 13 people with mainly the old royal cities in central Morocco as our destination.
No special time was set aside for photography, so you had to take the opportunity to improvise when given the possibility.


These are the different places we visited:



We flew to Marrakech, but went straight on to the legendary city of Casablanca. 15 degrees and rain was not what we had expected, but it had to go!

In any case, the rain made it possible to have nice reflections in the streets and objects.
It was low season, so apparently it was pretty empty of tourists.

Torget framför Hassan II-Moskén

The Hassan II Mosque is a must when in Casablanca. A huge boast, the world's second largest mosque and the world's tallest, 210 m, minaret.

Hassan II-moskén, Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca

Moskén rymmer 25 000 bedjande inomhus!

The mosque holds 25,000 servants indoors!

Människorna på bilden ger en uppfattning av storleken

The people in the picture give an idea of the size.


We went on to the capital Rabat and Mohammed V's mausoleum.

Mohammed V:s mausoleum
Mohammed V:s mausoleum i Rabat


Next, a little longer, stop was in the oldest of Morocco's royal cities Fez, Morocco's capital of arts and crafts


Here we made a very interesting visit to a factory where ceramics are produced according to ancient methods.

Fruktförsäljning i Fez

Fruits and vegetables were grown and eaten a lot. Here come the pomegranates ..

Karaouinemoskén i Fez

A tour of the Fez medina is exciting. There are 9,000 small streets and alleys to get lost in.

En rolig liten polis som gick runt och hade synpunkter på trafikanterna
En fin port in till medinan

According to Islam, people (or animals) must not be depicted, so all decorations of houses and facades consist of geometric patterns - circles, squares, lines, triangles or the like.

A royal gate in Fez

The pictures below are from a restaurant (!) where we had lunch in Fez. The last one is on a portion of couscous, which is a whole dish in Morocco with meat, vegetables and, of course, couscous.

Here come another bunch of street pictures from the medina in Fez - the most exciting place on the whole trip!