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Bevara oss väl!
A photo book on the conservation of East Africa's wildlife


The African savannah can look in many different ways. There is tall forest, low forest,
shrubbery, high grass and low grass and all the mixtures in between.
These savannas are inhabited by hundreds of different animal species, from smallest insects to the giantic elephants, some viable, others on the verge of extinction.

With this photo book I want to give a little insight into the amazing wildlife you can encounter on a visit to the savannah and try to raise awareness that the animals that live there are worth all our efforts to preserve them. The book shows a selection of these

All photos are taken in Tanzania, partly in Lake Manyara National Perk, Ngorongoro
Conservation area and in Serengeti National Park in the northernmost part of the country and partly in Selous Game Reserve, located along the Rufiji River further south.

The photos are both close-ups of animals, but also distant shots, to show on the
environment the animals live in. This is interspersed with pure landscape images and also some pictures of people living in or around these natural areas.

Only in Swedish, but the pictures speak for themselves


The printed book can be purchased and browsed here at Blurb. The book contains 88 pages, 25x20 cm, printed on semi-gloss 148 g / m2 of photo paper.

Below you can download an e-book version (epub format) of the book:

If you download the e-book, you "swish" 20 SEK to 0732 475 298 if you feel like it. Enter "e-book" in the comment.

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