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Environmental images from Hammarbacken

On a rainy day at the end of October 2014, I set out to track Pjältån's upper flow, near Graversfors on Lake Näknen.

Found no good photo spots, so I parked the car and started hiking along Näknens west shore. Stumbled upon signs after a while, set up by the Village Home Association, which told of the bar iron hammer built in 1741 at what was to be called Hammarbacken. The hammer was driven by the water from a stream, which came from the small lakes above and went down the slope towards Näknen. Quite well known is the small channel that blew through the rock to lead the water to the hammer.

Information board
The stream
Description with a map
The stream
Old wallsAC
Old walls
Tha canal
The canal
The creek
The creek
Forest laje
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