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Norway Trip

At Dovre national park

June 30 - July 6, 2019 we were on a tour in central Norway, from Oslo and out north and west to the coast.

Karl Johan

We started with a couple of days in Oslo.

Mandatory pictures from Karl Johan and the jumping hill in Holmenkollen.

Vigeland park

Of course, a visit to the Vigeland Park was also included. Great facility!

Vigeland park

Karl Johan himself, with seagull visit.

Kungliga slottet
The Opera house in  Oslo

Before we left Oslo, we made a visit to the fine, new opera house ...

... with a nice view of the city ..

Oslo från Operahuset

On the way north we stopped at Ringebu Stave Church ...

Ringebu stavkyrka

... with a cemetery with nice views

Ringebu stavkyrka

Spent the night in the small village of Kvam.

Per Gynts väg

From Kvam you could take a trail up the mountain side - Per Gynt's road.

A chalet up on the mountain slope.


The next stop was in Åndalsnes, at the far end of the Romsdalsfjord.


A picture through the car window, as we drove back up into Romsdalen.


There was a stop at the Slettafossen waterfall over the river Rauma, where the beautiful Kylling Bridge also crosses.


The last place in Norway was the old mining town of Röros with slag heaps and nice wooden houses.


Finish with a slightly different street image from Röros.

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