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Höga kusten and mid Norrland

From Skuleberget

August 12 - 20, 2017 we were on a tour of central Norrland. Visited 11 landscapes with Höga kusten (the High Coast) as the main destination.

Old mangle

After a visit to Bollnäs and Trönö, we stopped at Växbo, with old linen production.


Luch break in the small coastal community of Stocka, before we continued to Härnösand for an overnight stay.

Från Skuleberget

Started by "climbing" Skuleberget.




Lovely view out to the archipelago ....

... and towards the small community Docksta.

Skuleberget mot Docksta
Kärr på Skuleberget

Oddly enough, there was a small cart on the top.

A trip to Ulvön was also a must. Passed Docksta on the way there.


View from the highest peak on Ulvön.

Möln över Skuleberget

Nice clouds over Skuleberget, on the way home from Ulvön.

During a tour to Nordingrålandet we came, among others, to Norrfällsviken

Allsta gård

The day ended up at a fine accommodation on Allsta farm ...

... where the hens lived nicely like this!

Hönor på Allsta gård

Continued up along the river valley - Ådalen.


Nämforsen was passed

Visited the famous ghost priesthood in Borgvattnet and then the Dead falls.

Spökprästgården i Borgvattnet

It was a rainy day, here two pictures from Lake Stensjön and its outlet near Kårböle.

Stensjön nära Kårböle
Stensjöns utlopp

A photo from Noppikoskiforsen marks the end the journey.

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