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Photo trip to Transylvania


Between May 23 and May 30, 2016, I was on a photo trip to Transylvania in Romania's mountainous regions.
The tour leader was the photographer Gert Olsson and the guide / interpreter Ildikó Dézsy and the company Innature .

Here comes a brief travelogue, with some of the photos I took.

In Transylvania there is a large Hungarian population, which has retained its culture and language.
Székely was a land of the original population, which has existed in Transylvania for more than 1000 years and has its own blue-yellow flag.
Hungarian culture lives on and they have e.g. opened many Hungarian schools.

Also a large group of Romani live in the area and we met and visited many of them.

May 23

Från bussresan genom Rumänien

Travel day, with late arrival to our stay in the small town of Gheorgheni.

May 24

Strolling up the hills south of Gheorgheni. Warm with thunderstorms that crept around us. Our host Tivadar told us about the neighborhood and its philosophy and about the inexplicable terraces in the surroundings.

Värden Tivadar pekar ut byns marker
Pratade med en bonde och smakade på vattnet i hans källa.

Tried to capture the bee eaters, but it went ....

May 25

Lerig vandring

An incredibly muddy hike in the salt area near Praid. Slipped around once and the camera got a splash. Fine flower meadows, with very Swedish flora.

Lunch at a nice fish restaurant by a small stream.

En trevlig fiskrestaurang vid en liten fors.

Stroll in the medieval world heritage city of Sighisoara, with fine alleys and houses. Passed Vlad Dracula's birth house.

Världsarvsstaden Sighisoara

May 26


After a morning in the yard where we lived, we left some clothes in the church's soup kitchen, even though it was closed. Then there was some free time in the city in rainy weather. Among other things, sausages were traded in this magnificent sausage shop.

 Borsec (Borszék), en halvt förfallen kurort

After lunch there was a bus to Borsec (Borszék), a semi-dilapidated health resort with health-giving mineral water sources.

In the evening it was a Catholic procession in Gheorgheni. It was a kind of confirmation celebration for 10-year-olds attending church.

Katolsk procession

A Catholic priest, who helped many Romanian children, participated in the procession, who is said to be declared saint.

Katolsk procession

May 27

Lacu Rossi

Early start for hiking / photography with guide in the mountains above Lacu Rossi.

Saw fresh bear tracks. Tough hike up to a fantastic viewpoint.

Kört fast i leran

When we were moving, the bus got stuck in the mud.

Went to a lonely farm and looked around. Was invited to look at the home of Mary.

Enslig bondgård

A neighbor


May 28

Were at a wonderful Saturday market in Gheorgheni. Fresh Vegetables!
Handed out some clothes to some Romani families.

Visited a dropstone cave with goulash in the open afterwards.


On the way home we stopped at a pasture and took some sunset pictures.


May 29th

Hot dogs for breakfast! :-)


A rewarding and emotional visit to the Romani village on the outskirts of town. Grateful photo motif, had some children's clothes with us.

In the afternoon we looked at a herb cultivation in a nice old village.

By i Transsylvanien

The host Tivadar showed us around the yard, among other things. the special gate and mysterious, ancient stones with supernatural background !.

mystiska, uråldriga stenar med övernaturlig bakgrund
Lurvig tamgris

In the evening we said goodbye to the furry pigs and ate farewell dinner in the company of a large part of the nice host family!

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